VIDEO: Releasing Trevor Reed

Serving as a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force taught me to never leave an American behind.

Helping free Trevor Reed from Russian prison is one of the proudest moments of my time in Congress.


We need to take the hard work of our Permian energy producers and use it to strengthen our FREE MARKET-LOVING partners. We must compete around the world.

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Thank you, President Trump for endorsing my reelection campaign to represent the great people of Texas’ 11th Congressional District.

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    In 2022, we will take back Congress and keep Texas RED. I’m all in, and I ask the hardworking men and women of Texas’ 11th Congressional District to join our fight for America.

    Pfluger was the first freshman member to introduce legislation in the 117th Congress. As the Representative serving the largest oil and gas producing region in the country, Pfluger introduced four pieces of legislation to safeguard the oil and gas industry and supported dozens of initiatives promoting American energy independence.
    Pfluger serves as Co-Leader of the Texas Ag Task Force and authored and signed multiple letters to the Biden Administration advocating for farmers and ranchers. In the 117th Congress, Pfluger supported numerous pieces of legislation to support the agriculture industry and push back against the Biden Death Tax on Rural America.
    Pfluger is the Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism and serves on the House Foreign Affairs & Committee on Homeland Security. Pfluger introduced two pieces of legislation to help secure the U.S. border and co-sponsored dozens of others. During his time in Congress, Pfluger has held several press conferences with leaders like Secretary Mike Pompeo to call on President Biden to impose sanctions on Iran, as well as with Texas Senator John Cornyn, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Representative Michael McCaul, to call for the release of U.S. Marine Veteran Trevor Reed from a Russian prison.
    Pfluger has filed several original pieces of legislation including:
    • Saving America’s Energy Future Act: Prohibits President Biden’s ban on domestic energy exploration.
    • Natural Gas Export Expansion Act: Expedites approval of all liquid natural gas export permits.
    • Energy Diplomacy Act: Prioritizes the consideration of energy in U.S. foreign policy.
    • H.R. 125: Opposing Climate Emergency: Reins in President Biden’s executive actions which are harmful to domestic energy production.
    • Migrant Facility: Requires the federal government to coordinate with local leaders before setting up HHS migrant facilities.
    • American Border Rescue: Allows ‘American Rescue Plan’ funds to be used to secure the southern border.
    • H.Res. 186 Free Trevor Reed: A resolution to free former U.S. Marine and Texas native Trevor Reed from Russian prison.

    Watch my reelection announcement video below!

      MY STORY

      Colonel August Pfluger has dedicated his life to defending the United States from those who would do us harm – from his days as an elite F-22 Raptor fighter pilot flying combat missions against ISIS, to his service on the National Security Council as an advisor to President Donald Trump. August Pfluger believes our nation is worth defending…and as our trusted U.S. Congressman, he’ll stand up to the socialists and liberal elites in Washington DC and defend our West Texas values of family, faith, and freedom.

      After high school, August followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and answered his nation’s call to serve. Upon graduating with honors from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Pfluger went on to serve his country in uniform for nearly two decades – commanding hundreds of combat airmen and serving in the Pentagon and NATO Command. Today, Colonel Pfluger is a decorated combat veteran with over 300 hours of direct action against radical jihadists in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

      In 2019, August was called to serve his nation in a different capacity – as a national security advisor in the White House. As a member of President Donald J. Trump’s National Security Council staff, August was entrusted with our nation’s highest security clearance and charged with advising President Trump on a host of foreign and domestic threats to our nation’s security.

      August is a conservative Republican, a proud husband and father, and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. He met his wife, Camille (also a native Texan) at his family ranch in October 2000. They have three young daughters, Vivian, Caroline, and Juliana. In his free time, August enjoys coaching his daughters’ youth soccer teams and leading Bible study groups for military service members – something he’s done at every base he’s been stationed.


      • Seventh-generation Texan, learned the value of a hard day’s work on his family’s ranches in Kimble, Concho, and Edwards counties.
      • Earned his Eagle Scout badge at the age of 15 and was later named captain of the varsity football and baseball teams at San Angelo Central High School.
      • Graduated with honors from the U.S. Air Force Academy.
      • Holds advanced degrees in aeronautical sciences and military strategy and is currently completing another Master’s Degree in International Business and Policy at Georgetown University – the perfect foundation to ensure Permian Basin oil and gas and District 11 agriculture reach their full potential.
      • Served the United States in uniform for nearly two decades – commanding hundreds of combat airmen and serving in the Pentagon and NATO Command.
      • Decorated combat veteran with over 300 hours of direct action against radical jihadists in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
      • Served as a national security advisor in the White House as a member of President Donald Trump’s National Security Council staff.
      • Today, works in his family ranching business in Kimble and Concho counties and founded an energy investment company in the Permian Basin.


      Defending Our National Security
      As a 20-year combat veteran and national security advisor to President Donald Trump, I’ve spent my entire career fighting to keep our country safe. As our next U.S. Congressman, I’ll keep up the fight against foreign threats like ISIS, China, and Russia.

      Securing The Border
      I support President Trump’s vision for securing America and believe we must secure our southern border to protect our citizens from dangerous drug cartels, human traffickers, and illegal immigrants.

      Protecting Our Rural Values & Agriculture
      As a seventh generation Texan, my family has worked the farms and ranches of this area for almost 170 years. As your voice in Congress, I’ll stand up for our farmers and ranchers and defend the traditional rural values that make Texas so exceptional.

      Promoting Energy Independence
      I’m proud to support the hard-working oil and gas producers that keep our Texas economy strong. In Washington, I’ll fight back against the oil-hating liberals and work to secure total energy independence for our country.

      Preserving Our God-Given Rights
      I will defend the Second Amendment and support the right of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms for the protection of themselves and their families.

      Defending Life & Traditional Values
      I believe in promoting a culture of life that honors all innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

      As a follower of Jesus Christ, I will fight to protect the rights of Christians and other religious groups to practice their faith freely and without government interference.