“@Augustpfluger is a Great Veteran and Strong Leader for Texas where he is running for Congress. He will protect your #2A, fight for our Farmers, Oil/Gas Workers, and he supports our #MAGA & #KAG Agenda. August has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

– President Donald J. Trump

“I am supporting August Pfluger for Congress. He’s got over 300 hours of combat operations against ISIS and 20 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot. He’s exactly what West Texas needs in the fight in Washington for conservative values. That’s why I am supporting him and I hope you do too.”

“I am proud to endorse August Pfluger for Texas’ 11th Congressional District. August has proven that he cares deeply about the priorities of our district and the people of this community can trust him to be a strong voice for our West Texas families, businesses, and conservative values. Lt. Colonel Pfluger is the person we need in Washington to stand with President Trump in securing our border and protecting our Second Amendment.”

“August knows what it means to fight for this country and understands the importance of placing service above self. I support August Pfluger for Congress, and Texas can trust him to stand with President Trump, secure our border, protect our Second Amendment, and defend our conservative values in Washington, DC.”

“We are proud to endorse Lt. Col. August Pfluger
, a United States Air Force Veteran and 7th generation West Texan. He was raised in a ranching family and will fight for our Farmers, Oil & Gas Workers, and protect our 2nd Amendment rights. He's the right choice for Congressional District 11.”

“I’m proud to endorse August Pfluger for Congress and believe he will be a continuation of the strong voice for agriculture, energy independence and the commonsense, faith-based values we live by in West Texas.”

“August is a strong conservative who is committed to fighting for our rural values and traditions…his sense of civic duty started early as an Eagle Scout, and continued throughout his 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force, including his time as a national security advisor for President Donald J. Trump. I am proud to endorse my good friend and neighbor, August Pfluger, and I know his values and family roots make him the right choice to defend the rural way of life that has made Texas the greatest state in the nation.”

“Established in 1915 to combat livestock theft, the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association is the oldest sheep and goat organization in the United States. In addition to advocating on behalf of Texas wool, mohair, and meat producers, TSGRA also fights to protect private landowners from unnecessary government regulations proposed in Austin and Washington.”

“We need a strong voice for agriculture and rural Texas in Washington D.C. We support August Pfluger because we believe he can be that voice. He has the background to understand the challenges facing farmers and ranchers, and he will be effective in Washington.”

“I’m proud to endorse August, and as our next Congressman, I know he will work tirelessly to secure our border, support law enforcement, and defend our God-given right to bear arms. At a time when so many of our constitutional rights are under assault from Washington liberals, August Pfluger is the man we can trust to stand up for our conservative values and never back down.”

Sheriff Roger Deeds, Hood County

“I am proud to endorse August Pfluger for Congress and I know that the people of our community can trust August to defend our values in Washington… he is the best choice to protect our farmers and ranchers, secure our border, protect our Second Amendment, and defend our rural way of life.”

San Saba Mayor Ken Jordan

“I wholeheartedly endorse August Pfluger. August is a real conservative and American hero. He will make a great leader in D.C. I encourage all Republicans in Hood County and all voters in #TX11 to get behind him.”

Hood County PCT. 2 Constable John D. Shirley

“I’m honored to support August Pfluger for Congress and know that he’s the right choice to fight for the citizens of Midland and defend the values we hold dear.”

“The TSCRA PAC is proud to endorse August Pfluger for Congress. August knows firsthand the challenges that face Texas cattle producers and will be a strong advocate in Washington for the rights and values we cherish.”

“We are proud to support August Pfluger for Congress and believe he’s the right choice to protect our oil and gas industry, support our business community, and defend our Texas values. August’s extensive national security experience makes him ready to lead from day one…we can trust him to fight for our community and protect the oil and gas resources in the Permian Basin, which are critical strategic assets for our country.”

Fmr. U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans, Concho Resources Chairman & CEO Tim Leach, Diamondback Energy Director & CEO Travis Stice

“We look forward to seeing August Pfluger serve in the U.S. Congress alongside Representatives Dan Crenshaw (TX-2) and Mike Waltz (FL-6) who we strongly supported in 2018. It is time for a new generation of leaders who have been tested in service to our country to lead the Republican Party.”

Matt Robbins, the Deputy Coordinator of the War Veterans Fund PAC

“When it comes to keeping our taxes low, protecting our constitutional rights, and securing our border…August Pfluger is the warrior we need to fight for us in Washington. I couldn’t be happier to stand with August and support his campaign to represent our community and its values in Congress.”

San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter

“I’m honored to endorse August Pfluger for Congress and know that he’s the man we need to secure our border, stand with President Trump, and protect our way of life.”

Brady Mayor Tony Groves

“There is no better choice than someone with such unparalleled service experience and demonstrated passion for this county. August Pfluger will be able to work hand-in-hand with peace officers from day one to protect the people of Texas.”

Mitch Landry, Deputy Executive Director of Government Affairs

“August has dedicated his life to defending this country and I believe he’s the right choice to defend our conservative values in Washington. August is a person of integrity, who understands commitment, hard work, and selfless service to others…the citizens of our community can trust August to fight for our constitutional rights, secure our border, and protect our way of life.”

Former Stephenville Mayor Kenny Weldon

“We, the San Angelo Police Officer Political Action Committee, fully endorse Mr. August Pfluger in his campaign for the 11th Congressional District.”

San Angelo Police Officer PAC